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Saratoga Springs, NY  •  Albany, NY
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The Beers

An extended list of the offerings on tap at the bar.

Druthers Beers

Apple Ale

This unique beer is brewed with local apple cider from Indian Ladder Farms. Fermented with a belgian yeast and subtly spiced with cinnamon and ginger to yield a tasty autumn treat. ~6.5% ABV

Golden Rule Blonde

A German-style pilsner with a twist: American hops and rye malt. Slightly hazy, with a balance of sweet rye malt and citrusy hops to yield a very drinkable lager . 5.2% ABV

Brevity Wit

Fresh and lively, this Belgian-style wheat beer is spiced with coriander, orange peel and ginger to give it a refreshing citrus character. Hazy and yellow and quite delicious! 5.8% ABV

Vienna-style Lager

Bright copper in color with a toasty malt flavor and restrained hop bitterness.. 5.2%ABV

Against the Grain Smoked Weizen

This is a true Bavarian-style wheat beer with a twist: beech wood smoked malt. The yeast produces fruity and spicy flavors while Munich malt adds body and richness. Save the lemon for a lesser beer! 5.3% ABV

Druthers Stout

A roasty and malty stout with hints of toastiness and caramel. 5.5% ABV

Druthers Amber

This English-style Extra Special Bitter is actually quite malty, with a bit of hop fruitiness to add complexity. 5.7% ABVa

Fist of Karma Brown

An American brown ale that really kicks ass with a balance of hop and malt character. The aroma and flavor are hop forward (Polaris and Amarillo), but rich Munich malt more than balances. 5.6% ABV.

All-in IPA

This is a hoppy, American-style IPA. Polaris and Amarillo hops dominate the aroma, with Horizon providing a strong yet smoothly bitter finish. German Vienna malt is there to provide balance. 6.6% ABV

The Dare (Gose)

A little known German-style ale brewed with coriander and a small amount of salt. Fermented with lactobacillus as well as yeast to create a refreshing, citrusy tartness. Gold Award winner at 2014 World Beer Cup in German-stlye sour ale category! 5.3% ABV

Guest Taps


Nine Pin Apple Cider

Made in Albany, this cider is very pale in color with a prominent, fresh apple character and mild spiciness reminiscent of cinnamon. Gluten free, as are all fermented fruits.

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