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The Beers

An extended list of the offerings on tap at the bar.

Druthers Beers

Golden Rule Blonde

A German-style pilsner with a twist: American hops and rye malt. Slightly hazy, with a balance of sweet rye malt and citrusy hops to yield a very drinkable lager . 5.2% ABV

Druthers Saison

Spicy and fruity yeast character reminiscent of anise and bananas dominate over sweet malt. The finish is spicy and dry with hop bitterness to balance. 6.6% ABV

Vienna-style Lager

Bright copper in color with a toasty malt flavor and restrained hop bitterness. 5.2%ABV

Scottish-style 80/-

Caramel and subtle fruitiness dominate the aroma of this copper-colored ale. Sweet caramel malt flavor yields to a toasty, malty finish. There's not much in the way of hops here. 5.4%ABV

Oatmeal Stout

Roasted malts lend this ale its mocha-like character while oatmeal helps give it a rich body. Hops are just there to balance. 5.6% ABV

Truth Serum

This Belgian-style tripel is brewed with a massive amount of pilsner malt supplemented by several kinds of sugars. The result is a fruity, light-colored ale with a balance of malt and hops. 12%ABV 12oz Tulip Glass

Fist of Karma Brown

An American brown ale that really kicks ass with a balance of hop and malt character. The aroma and flavor are hop forward (Polaris and Amarillo), but rich Munich malt more than balances. 5.6% ABV.

All-in IPA

This is a hoppy, American-style IPA. Polaris and Amarillo hops dominate the aroma, with Horizon providing a strong yet smoothly bitter finish. German Vienna malt is there to provide balance. 6.6% ABV

Guest Taps


Nine Pin Apple Cider

Made in Albany, this cider is very pale in color with a prominent, fresh apple character and mild spiciness reminiscent of cinnamon. Gluten free, as are all fermented fruits.

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