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The Story

Life's All About Choices

Given our Druthers, we are choosing to brew choice beer for good-humored, freethinkers that would rather do it their own way....Rewarding those that put their life, work, and convictions to the test.

Given your Druthers, what will you choose?

                                                    “You are your choices” Seneca


Chris: CEO
Chris Martell is a public finance lawyer turned craft-beer-brewing entrepreneur. He’s a selectively indulgent marathon enthusiast who runs the miles so he can drink the beer. He’s a sports fan, an avid reader, and devoted hop head with a soft-spot for IPAs. Owning and operating a brewery is Chris’ lifelong dream.

George: CBO/ Chief Brewing Officer
Druthers’ master brewer is George de Piro, winner of three gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival and gold, silver and bronze awards at the World Beer Cup. George is a biochemist turned supreme beer geek. He’s the proud owner of an extensive beer coaster collection, is an avid cyclist, and fondly refers to his OCD as ‘attention to detail’. E-mail your beer questions to him at George at DruthersBrewing dot com (spambot-proof)

Brian: CPO/Chief Pub Officer
When Brian Martell was confronted with the possibility of unemployment, this financial analyst created a job that he loves, in a company he founded, in a building he built. He has a lighthearted sense of humor, is a collector of all things Irish, and wears a t-shirt to work every day.


We’re driven by a simple purpose- to reward extraordinary choices with choice beer. This perspective guides our everyday decision-making and keeps Druthers on the sure and steady, straight and narrow. We aren’t liable to fall foul of our intentions because at the end of the day … we mean it. Just ask our parents - we bet their retirement savings on it!

Druthers doesn’t just sell beer. We’re serious about rewarding those amongst us who live according to Simple Truths, go Against the Grain, throw themselves All-In, and trust Karma to pay tribute where and when it’s earned and due. Our beer is brewed as a tribute to those who put their life, work, and convictions to the test.

We all make a life one choice at a time and we know that our loyal enthusiasts are trading up, spending more, and drinking better. We’ll never make concessions as an aberration against the spirit of our beer. Our commitment to choice beer will always be focused on quality, not gimmicks or hype. The kind of quality that makes Druthers the right choice. 

We’re living our choice. Given our Druthers, we’re choosing to brew.

Given your Druthers, what will you choose?



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