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About Druthers

Druthers doesn't just sell beer; we encourage good-humored, freethinkers who would rather do it their own way to shake free, go for the gusto, and live the lives they have always wanted. Our beer is brewed as a tribute to those who put their life, work, and convictions to the test. We are serious about rewarding those among us who live according to simple truths, take inspired chances, go against the grain, throw themselves all in, and trust karma to pay tribute where and when it is earned and due.

Market research or trend reports didn't "invent" the Druthers philosophy. We're driven by a simple purpose - to reward extraordinary choices with choice beer. This perspective guides our everyday decision-making and keeps Druthers on the sure and steady, straight and narrow. We aren't liable to run afoul of our intentions because at the end of the day ... it's who we are and it’s what we do.

We all make a life one choice at a time and we know that our loyal enthusiasts are trading up, spending more, and drinking less. We will never make concessions as an aberration against the spirit of our beer. Our commitment to choice beer will always be focused on quality not gimmicks or hype. The kind of quality that rewards craft beer enthusiasts and makes Druthers the right choice.

"You Are Your Choices" - Seneca

We're living our choice. Given our Druthers, we make choice beer.

Druthers Crew

Chris Martell CEO/Chief Executive Officer

Chris Martell is a public finance lawyer turned craft-beer-brewing entrepreneur. He's selectively indulgent (a nice way to say he enjoys chicken wings and calorically dense foods with his craft beer), works out to mitigate his questionable approach to nutrition, and lost his hair way before the laws of justice and equity should allow. He’s a sports fan, has been known to read a book or two, and enjoys a good IPA.

George de Piro CBO/ Chief Brewing Officer

Druthers' master brewer is George de Piro, winner of three gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival and gold, silver and bronze awards at the World Beer Cup. George is a biochemist turned supreme beer geek. He’s the proud owner of an extensive beer coaster collection, is an avid cyclist, and fondly refers to his OCD as 'attention to detail'.

Brian Martell CPO/Chief Pub Officer

When the market tanked and Brian was confronted with the possibility of unemployment, this one-time financial analyst created a job that he loves, in a company he founded, in a building he built. He has an odd sense of humor, a weird beard, and cherishes the fact that he gets to wear a t-shirt to work every day.

Scott Martell CSO/Chief Sales Officer

After finishing his undergraduate work at Siena, Scott headed for the west coast and landed a job in sales and marketing with Disney. When Scott learned that his brothers were launching a new brewery, he turned in his mouse ears for craft beers and headed back east to head up the sales operation. Scott is a middle child, was "lovingly" referred to as "moon man" as an infant (yeah, didn't win any cutest baby contests), and is 1 of 5 people in the United States who are under 70 years of age and own a maroon truck. 

Mike Spain CKO/Chief Kitchen Officer

Mike Spain joined the Druthers team in 2015 as head of our Albany kitchen.  His outstanding culinary skills have earned him many awards; most recently he bested over 50 other contenders at the Bacon and Beer Classic at Citifield in Queens, NY with his bacon banh mi with carrot-cucumber slaw, deep-fried bun and Druthers aioli . He was promoted to Chief Kitchen Officer in May 2016.