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Great Beer, Hand-Crafted

Our Philosophy

Being true to your craft will never let you down. At Druthers, we choose to make great beer; using the best ingredients, never sacrificing quality, never cutting corners. And because we know that everyone’s tastes are a little different, we’re not afraid to experiment a little.

A Style For Everyone

From hoppy IPAs to fruity sours to rich, malty red and brown ales, we have something for everyone. We’re not beer snobs, we’re beer lovers – it’s what started this whole damn thing, after all. We don’t specialize in or avoid any particular style – we brew what we want to drink.

The Right Glass

A well-crafted beer is enhanced by the glass it’s poured into. Our custom glassware serves to heighten the experience by matching the style and curvature of the glass to the flavors and elements of the beer. At Druthers, the magic is in the details.