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Five Great Locations.
Plenty of Great Company.

Druthers doesn’t just sell beer; we encourage good-humored, freethinkers who would rather do it their own way to shake free, go for the gusto, and live the lives they have always wanted. Our beer is brewed as a tribute to those who put their life, work, and convictions to the test. We are serious about rewarding those among us who live according to simple truths, take inspired chances, go against the grain, throw themselves all in, and trust karma to pay tribute where and when it is earned and due.

The Food

Food should be something you enjoy. We do, and that’s why we take so much pride in making food you’ll love to eat. You’ll recognize the flavors, but you may find them in combinations that’ll get you a little excited. We want Druthers to taste like the comfort food of your dreams.

The Beer

Being true to your craft will never let you down. At Druthers, we choose to make great beer; using the best ingredients, never sacrificing quality, never cutting corners. And because we know that everyone’s tastes are a little different, we’re not afraid to experiment a little.