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A Brief History of Craft Beer

Making beer goes all the way back to Mesopotamia with an ancient recipe featured in a poem about the Sumerian brewing goddess, Ninkasi. But craft beer has only been around for a few decades; it all started with an ambitious Stanford graduate.  (more…)

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What is a Winter Warmer?

In this case, the name tells the story. It’s a beer that is only brewed in the winter and has a slightly higher ABV to help “keep you warm” during the holiday season.


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What is a Scotch Ale?

Scotch ales are an acquired taste. But if you give them a chance, you just may grow to appreciate their bold toffee flavor with hints of smokiness and boozy ABV. (more…)

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Skunked Beer: What You Need to Know

Enjoying a beer in the sun is a summertime rite of passage. There’s only one thing that could ruin it…getting skunked! While being sprayed by a certain black and white striped animal would certainly not be ideal, we’re talking about when a bottle of beer is exposed to direct sunlight, resulting in a sulfur taste. (more…)

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