About Druthers

Market research or trend reports didn’t “invent” the Druthers philosophy. We’re driven by a simple purpose – to reward extraordinary choices with choice beer. This perspective guides our everyday decision-making and keeps Druthers on the sure and steady, straight and narrow. We aren’t liable to run afoul of our intentions because at the end of the day … it’s who we are and it’s what we do.

We all make a life one choice at a time and we know that our loyal enthusiasts are trading up, spending more, and drinking less. We will never make concessions as an aberration against the spirit of our beer. Our commitment to choice beer will always be focused on quality not gimmicks or hype. The kind of quality that rewards craft beer enthusiasts and makes Druthers the right choice.

“You Are Your Choices” – Seneca

We’re living our choice. Given our Druthers, we make choice beer.

Our Story

Check out the journey to opening our first location in Saratoga Springs, NY pushing through building hurdles and assembling a top quality team.

The Druthers Philosophy

“Being true to your craft will never let you down. At Druthers, we choose to make great beer; using the best ingredients, never sacrificing quality, never cutting corners. Here’s to good choices.”


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