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What’s In a Name – Barleywine Edition

In this case, “barleywine” manages to be both a helpful description and a tricky misnomer.

Let’s start with what it gets wrong. Barleywine is not wine. It is a beer made from sugars extracted from grains. So why in the world is it called a wine? Because of its strength and complexity that are similar to that of wine. (more…)

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How Glassware Shape Changes Your Beer

When it comes to beer, we should all be glass half full people – especially if we’re enjoying it from the appropriate glassware. Because this not only improves the overall presentation but can enhance a beer’s color, aroma and taste. (more…)

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The Up and Down History of Gose

Before we can even make a single “here’s how the story gose” joke, the beer is pronounced “goz-uh.” So that won’t exactly work. But it does have a storied history going all the way back to the thirteenth century that is still worth telling today – especially for those who love a good comeback. (more…)

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