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How to Pair Beer and BBQ

BBQ is an absolute fixture of summertime! Whether you’re grilling ribs, piling on pulled pork or smoking wings, you need a cold one to wash it all down.

But what beer pairs best with what BBQ dish?

This blog is all about matching different BBQ dishes with different beers to bring out the best aromas, flavors and sensory experiences of each.

Smoked Ribs + Stout

The bold and toasty flavors of a stout can stand up to the intense smokiness of barbecue ribs, providing a fun flavor blast for your taste buds.

Pulled Pork + Brown Ale

The decadent flavor of a brown ale goes perfect with light red meats like pork. A robust and nutty flavor profile enhances the depth, while its moderate alcohol content ensures a balanced pairing that won’t overwhelm your palate.

We recommend our Fist of Karma, a deliciously hoppy brown ale.

Smoked Wings + IPA

Spicy BBQ wings pack bold and fiery flavors, which means it needs a strong and hoppy IPA to cut through. The beer’s strong flavor will balance the heat and intensify the savory notes.

We recommend our All-In, an American-style IPA with Amarillo and Centennial hops.

Brisket + Stout

Brisket is a rich cut of meat, so we have to go back to stout here. A darker, heavier bodied-beer will enhance the big and bold flavors of red meats like brisket.

Smoked Turkey + Hazy IPA

The citrus and tropical fruit flavors in a Hazy IPA bring out the best in turkey, complementing its juiciness and adding a refreshing contrast to the savory marinade or rub.

Grilled Fish + Wheat Beer

Grilled fish such as tilapia, salmon, or trout pairs perfectly with a refreshing wheat beer. The beer’s light and crisp characteristics highlight the delicate flavors of the fish. Citrus notes also add a bright, complementary contrast.

Grilled Vegetables + Pilsner

A simple pilsner won’t overpower your veggies. German and Czech hops tend to be floral, earthy, grassy, or even lightly lemony in flavor, all of which nicely complement vegetables.

We recommend our Forge Ahead, featuring an all-malt foundation with modern American hops for bright citrus notes.

As always, our best recommendation is to have fun and experiment with your pairings! You may discover something brand new.