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How to Drink Beer Like an Expert

You may think you’re pretty good at drinking beer. You may even think you’re great at it. But could you be even better? Is there room for improvement in a seemingly flawless experience?

Of course! And (responsible) practice makes perfect!

Here are tips and tricks to get more from your next pint:

The Perfect Temperature

In general, beers with a higher alcohol percentage require higher storing temperatures. A dark ale, barleywine, or tripel should be stored at 50 to 60 F (10 – 15.5 C), while a lighter pilsner, lager, and wheat beer should be kept at 45 to 50 F (7 – 10 C).

The Perfect Glass

In a previous blog, we covered how glassware shape changes your beer. The glass you choose can greatly improve not only the presentation but the color, aroma and taste of the beer. This next part may seem basic, but the glass should be totally clean! A dirty glass may contain oils or grime that will interfere with the true flavor of the beer.

The Perfect Pour

You should always start pouring beer down the glass’s side at a 45-degree angle and from at least 0.8 to 1.2 inches (2 – 3 cm) high. Then, start leveling the glass slowly, when it becomes half-full, to minimize the created head. Having head is important because it provides a stronger aroma. Wait for the formed foam to settle a bit before filling it to 3/4 of its height.

The Perfect Sip

With your beer at the right temperature in the right glass and poured at the right angle, you’re ready to drink!

Keep these other pointers in mind:

  • Take a Good Look: Check out the body and color of the beer. Notice if the color is golden, red or chestnut. Notice if the head is creamy, foamy or quick to disappear. Then give it a little swirl in the glass, notice the aroma and if the head remains intact.
  • Get a Good Whiff: Take a good sniff through your nose and determine what scent the beer is giving off. Is it fruity, bready, chocolatey or something else entirely? Take a second sniff through your mouth and see if there are any differences in scent. You can also swirl it again and notice if it intensified the smell or made it disappear.
  • Enjoy a Good Gulp: Take the first sip, but let it sit in your mouth and try to feel the flavor on the palate. Now breathe out. Did it change the taste at all? Does the flavor alter as it warms in your mouth? Then swallow. Repeat this process over and over. How does the taste change with every sip?

The Perfect Motto

Beer is best enjoyed right now! Don’t let a beer sit out and get warm and stale. It may be skunky when you return to it.