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The Food


Is there anything better than pizza and a beer? Our’s features a blistered crust, bubbling cheese and fresh house-made sauces.

Check out our full menus and some of our signature dishes below!

Beer Cheese Dip

You can’t go to Druthers without trying the Beer Cheese Dip. Featuring cheddar, gouda, gorgonzola dolce, cascade hop butter, Golden Rule Blonde, spicy cherry peppers, and deep fried Bavarian-style pretzels, this dip sets the tone.

Loaded Mac & Cheese

Druthers isn't the two-time Mac & Cheese Bowl Champion for nothing. Piping hot skillet featuring our 7-cheese blend, small shells, crumbled house chips/panko topping, smoked chicken, bacon, and house ranch dressing.

Burgers at Druthers

A short rib and brisket blend, house-made condiments, and a burger lineup that features a bit of everything.