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Our Philosophy

Food should be something you enjoy. We do, and that’s why we take so much pride in making food you’ll love to eat. You’ll recognize the flavors, but you may find them in combinations that’ll get you a little excited. We want Druthers to taste like the comfort food of your dreams.

Seasonal Menus

Our menu is updated four times a year, in part to keep things fresh and in part because we’re always bursting with new ideas. We want every visit to be a memorable experience, so we make sure our menu always has something new. Don’t worry – we keep a set of staple favorites all year round.

Prepared By Hand

Druthers food is made from scratch. By us, in our kitchens, every day. And you know what? We love every minute of it. We hope you can taste this in our dishes, because we think hand-prepared meals that don’t cut corners is the ultimate way to share our love of food.

Our Executive Chef

We wouldn’t give this job to just anyone. Sam Squires is our Executive Chef from right here in the Saratoga area and has been a chef for 10 years, 5 of them with Druthers. Our menu is always a team effort, but Sam’s leadership in the kitchen translates onto the plate.